The Travel Authority Privacy Policy Statement

In order to comply with the National Privacy Principles and for the protection of your personal information, The Travel Authority has provided this privacy statement to convey the methods with which we deal with personal information.

Personal Information, Email Communication, Record Keeping 

Information collected by The Travel Authority is held securely, so we may coordinate your travel and provide travel management services.

Information collected is used only for these purposes and is not disclosed to any other organization/third party, except with your consent; or as permitted or required by law.

While this privacy policy applies to related corporations within The Travel Authority, it does not apply to parties that may be linked or associated with our organisation. Those organisations are responsible for the privacy of the information they collect and should be contacted directly for details of their privacy policies.

Information collected by The Travel Authority is used for the purpose of providing Macmahon with the services intended and for other services that have been consented to Macmahon through consent forms.

How we collect information 

The Travel Authority will collect information in various forms, which include the following methods:

  • A Profile Form completed by travellers’ or a travellers’ PA
  • An email advising of clients personal details
  • Collection of personal information through telephone calls and meetings
  • Online via ‘e-Profile’, our online profile management system
  • The Travel Authority collects personal information at the time you provide your Profile Form or request a purchase. The Travel Authority only requires information necessary to complete your transaction. You may choose to provide The Travel Authority with additional information so that quality of service may be improved.


Your personal information will only be used or disclosed as is necessary to provide goods and services, provide information and offers relevant to our services, administrative purposes and to assist The Travel Authority in improving services

The Travel Authority will generally not disclose your information without your consent, where it is to be used for services not related to your travel. Where The Travel Authority intends to use your information for such purposes, we will request your consent to use your information for the identified purpose to be issued to you prior to use of that information.

The Travel Authority also reserves the right to transfer all personal information held by it whereupon the organisation is assigned or transferred to a further party.

In dealing with your personal information, we may be required by law to disclose your information to certain government bodies, insurance companies and provide information to the courts where required by subpoena.

Accessing personal information and updating details 

You can access your information on any working day between 07:30hrs and 18:00hrs (excluding public holidays), provided that adequate notice is given for retrieval, you may access your personal information. Alternatively, depending on access levels, information can be accessed via ‘e-Profile’, our online profile management system, at any time.

You can request us to delete your information from our database.

Hardcopy only of information held by us will be provided, as some computer data may include reference to personal details of our clients.

Ensuring accuracy of information 

The Travel Authority takes every precaution to ensure all information held, used or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date.

You must notify The Travel Authority if there is any change to your personal information.

You may ask The Travel Authority to correct personal information that you believe is incorrect or out of date. Your request will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Is my information secure? 

The Travel Authority will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. All information we gather is stored on a secure site.

Destroying information and records 

We use secure methods to destroy or de-identify any personal information as soon as is permitted by law. (Provided the information is no longer needed by The Travel Authority for any purpose)

Contact The Travel Authority 

If you wish to discuss this statement, or ask questions in relation to the use and disclosure of information, you may contact The Travel Authority on any working day between 07:30hrs and 18:00hrs (excluding public holidays) with any questions or updates to your personal information.

Privacy Act Consent 

The Travel Authority may disclose the information provided by you and any further information that you subsequently provide to (for any of the following purposes or may itself use that information for those purposes):

  • Airline, hotel, rail, car rental/limousine, bus, ferry or other travel related services companies.
  • Government consulates for visa requirements
  • Foreign exchange facilities for travellers cheques and foreign cash
  • Data consolidation for the purpose of ongoing negotiating with suppliers for the common benefit of your company.